Draw your sword, pick up your shield, and don your armor as you charge headlong into battle, defending your allies and leading the charge to strike down your opponent.

Whether you use your bow for ranged combat or your dagger to get up close and personal, learning the complex skill combinations will lead every archer to have a successful, deadly career. The ability to debuff enemies doesn’t hurt, either.

Looking to absolutely wreck everything in your sight while staying out of the line of fire of your opponent? You probably looked in the mirror and saw a magician today. Find some friends to protect you and destroy everything.

The Warrior

The warrior is a melee class that does great damage and has good defense due to their well-rounded item proficiencies. Warriors are great for solo play for these reasons, but that damage does not hurt in a team effort, either. The warrior can change its class to the tanking guardian or the slow, hard-hitting berserkers.

Proficiencies: sword, axe, mace, shield

The person at the front of the charge and protecting everyone else from it-that’s the guardian. A tank, the guardian dons heavy armor and a shield to protect his or her party members. Not only does a guardian have increased defense. It also increases the defense everyone in his or her party. Of course, all that armor is heavy, and guardians are slow, with poor range. Usually, they use long spears to compensate for this.

Proficiencies: dual wield, one-handed spear, shield

If all you really want to do is pick up your sword and hurt things, you’ll want to evolve your warrior into a berserker. These fighters use massive two-handed weapons to deal damage and don’t let anything stop them. They’re slow swingers, but when they charge, they’ll do more melee damage than anyone.

Proficiencies: two-handed sword, two-handed mace, two-handed axe

The Hunter

A hunter can go either way: although their defense is not what a warrior’s is, hunters are equally capable at range with their short bows and in melee range with their daggers. They also have additional abilities, like combo attacks to increase their damage, and the ability to debuff their enemies, reducing attack and move speed. Hunters are most deadly when all of their elements are used in tandem.

Proficiencies: short bow, dagger

If the ranged parts of the hunter appeal to you, become a ranger. These masters of ranged combat have a selection of destructive and armor-piercing skills to use for their bows, and have further mastered their debuff abilities. A ranger’s best plan of attack includes staying out of trouble, keeping an enemy debilitated, and punishing his or her opponent from afar.

Proficiencies: longbow

Interested in the close-range damage the hunter does? If so, try an assassin. Assassins use their hide ability to sneak in close to any dangerous enemy, knowing exactly where to hit on an opponent and poisoning the enemy before the enemy even knows the assassin is there. Assassins have very little defense, but are dexterous and can evade more attacks than anyone.

Proficiencies: dual wield, one-handed swords

The Magician

Magicians are the ultimate glass canons: they possess incredible spells and abilities, easily doing the most damage to any enemy in sight, but they have the lowest HP and hardly any defense to go with it. Magicians perform best when they can concentrate on doing as much damage as possible and have the protection to not worry about taking damage.

Proficiencies: magic, staff

Mages are magicians that cast primarily lightning and frost spells. Their spells are keyed towards massive area of effect spells, greating flashy, destructive zones of death for any clump of enemies. When their spells are not strong enough, they are also able to buff themselves, increasing their own damage and range. They can buff their parties too, making mages both a utility help and damage help to any group looking to strike down some enemies.

Proficiencies: magic, staff

Warlocks ignore the area of effect and self-buffs of the mage in favor of a fire and brimstone strategy, complimented by their abilities, and if that does not work, they are always capable of just setting their enemies on fire. Like mages and magicians, warlock lack the defense to protect themselves without friends, so they do best in a party with a little bit of protection.

Proficiencies: magic, staff