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[Sticky] 8/31 Patch ChangelogALT1 Games111735 hour ago
by Ineedpillz
[Sticky] Regular server maintenance schedule on 31st August, 2011ALT1 Games2129Aug 31, 2011 12:39 PM
by suihigh
[Sticky] 8/29 Patch ChangelogALT1 Games4146Aug 30, 2011 01:45 PM
by Dubstep
[Sticky] FACEBOOK Hot Post Event Winners 8/26/11ALT1 Games1154Aug 28, 2011 04:42 PM
by Persues
[Sticky] Reporting Hackers and BotsALT1 Games58528Aug 31, 2011 07:54 PM
by lordcooler13
GM Labyrintos buggedzsozsocube06
Weapon Glow Effectsmusufasa011
Feather of the Phoenix Itemmusufasa010
Slotinglittlefiend1163 hour ago
by BossMode
IOD Siege/Battle suggestionkyzen34017
I had fun todayPosidon028
changing from troy to greeceBens0n031
IOD “idea”wuong4483 hour ago
by Beatus
More PvP Modesmusufasa3505 hour ago
by Posidon
This game looks sick!Gormenghast1648 hour ago
by Osaya1
experienciafofuchahcb13111 hour ago
by Scapoot
honor itemsArni2502 hour ago
by Beatus
server population balanceBens0n4533 hour ago
by Beatus
Death of TROY in 1-2 months tops.Sinless221547 hour ago
by Xenus
“Rome wasn’t built in a Day”Fury6916611 hour ago
by xSaeko
We Would like to Know what Alt 1’s Thoughts are on EXP….Nikolye8669 minute ago
by Robsus
ADD A BLOCK SYSTEM!!!!!!!CPTSlade43512 hour ago
by Scapoot
anti botsscoldraven44112 hour ago
by Scapoot
Add more Quests or raise Exp per mob.Nikolye13414 hour ago
by Sameas
ClassesCuteTurtle13913 hour ago
by xSaeko
21 hourskile152214012 hour ago
by [GM] Nerift
Add bonus to consecutive kicks from war….suihigh43413 hour ago
by xSaeko
Alt1, This game is about PvP.scotty112111767 hour ago
by scotty1121
[Review]Latest UpdateScapoot34914 hour ago
by Nikolye
War PvpLionOfWar33013 hour ago
by mohrad