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After the end of the tragic Trojan War…

The great conflict had occurred between the gods and goddesses in Olympus were fighting for the great countries of Greece and Troy.

Apollo, the god of the Sun and defender of Troy,could not accept the result of the Trojan War. He resurrected the Trojan Army and gave them another chance to battle with the Greek army.

Hades was overwhelmed with rage at Apollo’s ignorance of the order of the Underworld. Poseidon lead the once-victorious Greek army back into battle against Apollo’s revived Trojans.

To arbitrate in the dispute of the gods, Zeus sent both armies to the great continent of Autis in the timeless dimension between the past and future.

Meanwhile, Zeus said, “The war will be eternal until the victor of the war and I open the door to the real world. Until then, those who are struck down will rise forever.”

The heroes of both sides lost their families, their loved ones, and their honor during the first Trojan War. Having nothing left of value, the only option of the noble heroes was to fight in the second Trojan War and be cursed with resurrection.

Finally, the eternal war began with endless cycle of the life and death.

Main Scenario

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Trojan War Aftermath

Achilles, the Hero of the First Autis War

The Second Autis War: Paris and Helen

The Third Autis War: Only Hector Remains

Current: the Fourth Autis War and Odysseus