1. Start launcher
  2. Select server
  3. Pick your side
  4. Create your Character
  5. Choose your character name and style
  6. Interface
  7. Play game
  • Start launcher

Open Official site
Screen mode & Resolution Setting
Game start

  • Select server

Select a server
Server status
-Showing condition of each server
Open Official site, Intro Movie,
Show credit, Quit game
Showing where a server is located.
Checking transmission speed between your computer and a server by ping figure.

  • Pick your side

Pick your side
You can only have one faction per server.

  • Create your character

Choose your hero

  1. Warrior (Male & Female)
  2. Hunter (Male & Female)
  3. Magician (Male & Female)
  • Choose your character name and style

Class description
Change your style

  • Sample Equipment
  • Face
  • Hair style
  • Hair color

Character name
Select menu

  • Back to faction
  • Back to class
  • Done
  • Interface

Character HP & MP Bar
Hit Points are displayed by the red bar. If you run out hit points your character dies.
MP: Mana points are displayed by the blue bar. If you run out mana points your character cannot use their skills.
Mini map: Enemies and allies will show up on the mini-map.
Action bar: Here is where you can hot-key your skills.

Potion belt
This action bar is strictly for potions.

New opportunities or important messages will show here; such as unspent skill points or newly available quests.

  • Game play

You can move your character via point and click (mouse) or using W, A, S, D keys (keyboard).

Key bindings
Shortcut key info can be brought up by pressing ‘help’ in the game options menu. The game options menu can be opened by pressing ESC on the keyboard.

Starting a Quest
NPC’s with a yellow or blue “!” above their head have a quest that you can complete. NPC’s with a grayed out “!” above their head have a quest but you are not high enough level to do it. NPC’s with a “?” above their head means you have all the quests from this quest giver.

Quest Tracker
Once you accept a quest it will automatically show the requirements of the quest on the right side of your screen. The quest tracker will show your progress in the quest and update when you have accomplished some part of it.

You can target a creature by clicking on it. You can begin auto-attacking by left clicking on the mouse or you can start the fight by using one of your skills.

Potion Belt
You have access to the potions on your potion belt during combat. You can then use the key bindings to use health or mana potions while fighting. (After fighting you will automatically replace potions used in your potion belt if you have any in your inventory.) Every potion has a cooldown so you have to use them wisely.

You can loot creatures you have slain by clicking on them with the left button on mouse. You then can grab whatever you want from the loot window or you can grab all available items at the same time by hit “Obtain All” button.

Turning in a Quest
When you complete all parts of the quest the “?” above NPC’s head is changed to “Ψ”. You can then complete the quest by talking to the NPC and get your rewards.