Your success or fail while hunting, fighting in a battleground, or during PVP depends on using the right item.

You can improve your items by upgrading their rank or level, or socketing them with gems.

Weapons have no durability and cannot be destroyed, but armor has limited durability and can be destroyed in a battlefield or while hunting.

WeaponA tool used with the aim of causing damage to living beings or artificial structures.
Melee One-HandedOne-Handed Dagger, One-Handed Sword, One-Handed Mace, One-Handed Spear
Melee Two-HandedTwo-Handed Sword, Two-Handed Mace
Melee Dual-HandedDual-Handed Swords, Dual-Handed Daggers
RangeShortbow, Longbow
Defense One-HandedOne-Handed Shield
ArmorA protective covering used to prevent damage from direct-contact weapons and actions.
PartHead Part: Helmet
Chest Part: Armor
Arm and Hand Parts: Gloves
Leg and Foot Parts: Boots
FeatureThis equipment has durability.
AccessoryOther equippable items besides weapons and armor.
It doesn’t change apperarance of the character when these items are equipped.
FormationNecklacesYou can get these by combining other items.
RingsThese increase base stats.
BeltsIt can hold expendable potions.
PotionYou cannot equip this item, but it can be used in any condition.
It will restore the character’s HP, MP and condition.
ScrificeYou cannot equip this item but it can be used for increasing the character’s attack power or defense rate.
MateriorIt can be used for upgrading and conbining certain items.

Item Level

An item’s quality and strength can be quickly distinguished by the color of its name.

LevelColorIt will appear in item information.
Low RankThese items are mostly worthless junk.
Normal RankThese items are basic items.
High RankHigh rank items have options for improvement such as levelling up and socketing, as well as better stats.
RareRare items have more improvement options and have better stats than high rank items.
HeroicHeroic items have more improvement options and have better stats than rare items.
LegendaryLegendary items have more improvement options and have better stats than heroic items.
UniqueUnique items can be earned from the Tower Master.
HonorThese items are brought with honor points.
CoinThese items are bought from the cash item shop.

Item Stats

The stats of an item explain the item’s effectiveness, requirements, special abilities, and upgrade potential.

AllPurityItems with higher purity have a higher success rate when upgrading.
LevelItem level
SocketsSlots for jewel socketing
Required LevelMinimum required level to equip
Required StatsMinimum required stats to equip
ClassClass requirement to equip item
Upgrade LevelShows upgraded level of a weapon or armor.
PriceItem price in game
The term of validityTerm of validity for cash item
WeaponPhysical DamageMinimum physical damage to maximum physical damage of a weapon or skill
Magical DamageMinimum magical damage to maximum magical damage of a weapon or skill
DestructionHow much each hit decreasese the duability of the armor of an enemy
PenetrationDamage done factoring in an enemy’s ignored defense
RangeWeapon basic attack range
ArmorDefenseArmor defense capability
ShieldDurabilityShield durability
Penetration Res.Resistance to penetration attacks
Block rateRate of blocking attacks
Block effectDecrease opponent’s attack power by blocking (shield only)

Item Durability

Armor has durability, which decreases each time the player is killed in player or monster combat.

When an item runs out of durability, it provides no stats or bonuses.

Decrease DurabilityRandomly decreases the durability of the opponent’s armor when a critical hit is applied.
Destruct ArmorWhen durability hits 0, the item cannot be used before being repaired.
If an item loses more points than it has, it will be destroyed.
Recover DurabilityDurability is regained when items are repaired.

Item socket System

You can socket jewels in socketable items.

Each jewel has a different effect.

Some jewels can only be socketed in select items.

Two- or Dual-Handed00234+15+1

Item Upgrade System

You can increase the quality of an item by upgrading it. Upgrade materials can be acquired by spending ingame currency or gathering them in the world.

Power upImprove basic stats of itemLevel, grade, materialsPower up materialsΟ / Ο / Ο
Level upUpgrade level of itemLevel, materialsLevel up materialsΟ / Ο / Ο
CombinedUpgrade rank of itemCheck required amountMany low level itemsΧ / Χ / Χ
Add socketImplement new socket slotGrade, type, number of socketAdd socket stoneΟ / Χ / Χ
Jewel socketingApply jewel optionsApplicable socketable typeJewelsΟ / Χ / Χ

Item Upgrade Simulation

This simulation explains a basic idea of upgrade system in game.

Most likely upgrade procedure

Number of procedureProcedureDescription
1ObtainObatin different kinds of items.
2ExchangeExchange obtained item for getting useful items from the NPC store.
CombindYou can get a jewel of upgraded rank when you combine several of the same small jewels together.
3Level-upAble to level up lower rank items into higher rank items.
4Power-upWhen you set the main items, you can power-up these items through NPC’s upgrade system.
Add socketAdd socket on the main item.
Socketing JewelsSocketing a jewel into the slot will open up jewel options for the item.
5Set itemYou can get extra stats and options by using full set items.