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9/23 Patch ChangelogALT1 Games092
Emergency Maintenance (Update)ALT1 Games0169
9/21 Patch ChangelogALT1 Games0178
Server Maintenance for 9/21ALT1 Games069
9/18 Patch ChangelogALT1 Games0143
Emergency server maintenance at 10:40 PM PST!ALT1 Games093
Servers are now open!ALT1 Games0150
New Patch Notes for Sept 15th 2011ALT1 Games0315
Weekly server maintenance schedule for this week!ALT1 Games0109
PMD [Pando Media Booster] download link resolvedALT1 Games0192
PMD [Pando Media Booster] TROY client download linkALT1 Games0145
New patch for a nest battlefields timeALT1 Games0241
Weekly server maintenance for Sept 7th 2011ALT1 Games0189
Emergency server maintenance at 5:00 AM PST!ALT1 Games0235
New patch for a daily quest bugALT1 Games0359
Our coin shop is back up!ALT1 Games0269
8/31 Patch ChangelogALT1 Games0289
Honor ranking for August 30, 2011.ALT1 Games0267
Regular server maintenance schedule on 31st August, 2011ALT1 Games0135
8/29 Patch ChangelogALT1 Games0225
Server Maintenance from 10P.M to 11P.M PST.ALT1 Games097
Non-tradable items of Troy OnlineALT1 Games0222
Honor ranking for August 28, 2011ALT1 Games0231
Honor ranking for August 25, 2011ALT1 Games0283
Honor ranking for August 24, 2011ALT1 Games0141
8/24 Patch ChangelogALT1 Games0246
There will be extra 30mins for today maintenanceALT1 Games0141
Honor ranking for August 23, 2011ALT1 Games0234
Scheduled Maintenance Time ConfirmedALT1 Games0146
Honor ranking for 8/22/2011ALT1 Games0197