Main scenario

Trojan War Aftermath

With Odysseus’s Trojan horse scheme a success, Troy was burned down to the ground. The gods who fought for Troy were unable to accept their defeat, and continued their feud. Things only exacerbated when the mediating gods joined in the war. In his fit of rage, Apollo, who controlled the healing domain, revived the Trojan army from its ashes. Poseidon is infuriated by Apollo’s doings, as it was against the natural order. Odysseus was on his way back to Greece when he accidentally upset Poseidon. Furious, the god sent a storm to wash Odysseus and his Greek army back to Troy. Poseidon wanted to punish Odysseus by making him suffer, but on the other hand, he wanted the Greek hero to destroy the Trojan army revived by Apollo. Apollo countered Poseidon’s attack by lifting Cassandra’s curse by allowing people to believe her prophecies. All was a bad omen and a prelude to another bloody war.

The conflict quickly got out of hand. Zeus assembled all those involved, man and god, and took them to a mysterious continent called Autis. Only those who were victorious could return to Greece through a magical portal. The continent existed in a parallel universe that ran on its own time and a space separated from the real world.

Zeus deprived the humans of their memories to make it more difficult for them to escape. The Trojans and Greeks woke up on the continent without memories of their war. Even their earlier years before the war were fragmented beyond recognition. Zeus allowed the gods to intervene in the war so they would not dispute the outcome. He also declared that Autis’ destiny would be left in the hands of a hero. This became the core law of the new universe.