Main scenario

The Second Autis War: Paris and Helen

Achilles’ wish was granted and the war between Greece and Troy was waged once more. The spirits of the dead were summoned and brought back to life. Achilles was left as the only person who remembered everything. One day, Paris visited the Greek camp as a messenger. He instantly fell in love with King Menelaus’ wife, Helen. Helen felt her heart flutter when their eyes met. The Second Autis War broke out when Paris kidnapped Helen to be with him.

The Greek army attacked Troy and pressured them to return their beautiful queen. Troy retreated, but Helen was killed by Achilles in the battle. Devastated and overcome by his anger, Menelaus assembled his troops for a full-on attack against the Greek hero. To Paris’ surprise, the once untouchable demi-god warrior Achillies was felled by an arrow. The tables turned when the Greek hero died. Troy pushed the Greeks to the very edge and the Greeks were left as an army with no leader. Their defeat was imminent. Paris suddenly heard the voice of Zeus and learned of all the events that took place in the past. It was only then that he realized he had been separated from Helen twice now. He too refused to end the war and return to the real world. His wish instead was to see his love one last time.