Main scenario

The Third Autis War: Only Hector Remains

The Greeks and Trojans ended up back at ground zero. Now there were two who remembered all that had happened: Paris and Achilles. The two struggled to make things right but their efforts were destined for tragedy. Achilles had yet to recover from the shock from having his life restored. What a curse for a brave warrior to be unable to die with honor on a battlefield! He knew history would only repeat himself. Achillies lost his mind and killed Cassandra with a single swing of his sword. He knew already where things were headed. The Greek kings agreed to execute him for murder..

When the news reached Paris, he also despaired. He wallowed in grief and took his own life. His father, King Priamos, was never able to recover from his beloved son’s suicide. Both camps had lost all reason to fight. But the war continued, this time fueled by greed. This war was to be the ugliest of them all. Hector’s cousin, Aeneas, died in the midst of the war. After twenty years of repeated attacks and retreats, Aias of Greece tried to overthrow Agamemnon, but to no avail. He was sentenced to death, but Greece was attacked by Hector and his men in her weakest moments. Greece suffered a great blow. Hector took King Agamemnon’s head and ended the war. Would Hector go home? He couldn’t bear to do so. Hector said to Zeus, “I cannot return without my family.”