Main scenario

Current: the Fourth Autis War and Odysseus

When would the war end? When would the Greeks and Trojans return to their homeworld? Achillies, Hector and Paris were unable to solve this question. The war would continue until one side was annihilated for good.

They did not know restoring their memories could only result in another war. It was exactly what Zeus had intended.

Odysseus had lost his memory every time he was brought back to the living world, but he had left clues all over Autis. He was the only one who remembered the Trojan War when everyone had washed up on the unfamiliar shore. He left notes and scriptures around the continent so he could track them down each time the world was reset. Even though his memories were erased, he managed to put together the pieces he left behind and build upon his findings each time.

Odysseus discovered the groundbreaking truth while he was searching for signs of Cassandra’s revelations.